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ConnectMate® Engine On-Premises System Integration Platform

  • Platform - On-Premises

ConnectMate® Engine is a tool to connect your health care systems for easy and manageable data flow. ConnectMate® Engine integrates, exchanges, translates and routes health care and non health care information in the form of messages or batches of messages to wherever you need. It is a MicroServices oriented integration platform uniquely suited to deliver health care information because of the standards that are natively supported by the engine. These include HL7(v2,v3,CCD,C-CDA), X12, EDIFACT, NCPDP, XML, CDA, FHIR, flat files, Binary formats and more. ConnectMate can process transactions in real-time or batch. ConnectMate can process and route messages to anywhere that you allow access because of the communication protocols that it natively supports.

ConnectMate® Engine makes the work easier by providing out of the box, standard message structures and schemas which comply with HIPAA transaction and code set requirements. We also provide IHE PIX/PDQ integration capability.

Our customers have referred to ConnectMate as a Swiss Army Knife and as glue for systems integration.

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NexusHIE Health Cloud -IPAAS Health Care Data Exchange

  • Platform - Cloud

Nexus means the center. HIE Stands for Health Information Exchange or even better, Health Information Empowerment. NexusHIE is our brand for Cloud based integration. NexusHIE Health Cloud (ConnectMate Cloud) is a service the we provide that allows companies to host their Integration on ConnectMate in private or public cloud infrastructure.

NexusHIE Health Cloud is our IPAAS (Integration Platform As A Service) offering. You can host all or just a part of you health care data integration in our cloud. Health Cloud is powered by ConnectMate Engine on the Microsoft Cloud so safety and security are built in. The Microsoft Cloud is secure and robust, and is the perfect foundation for your health care solutions.

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ConnectMate® Mobile Web Management Desk

  • Platform - Cloud and On-Premises

Keep ConnectMate in the palm of your hand and manage your integration services securely from anywhere using the ConnectMate Management Desk. ConnectMate Management Desk is a responsive Web application designed for mobile, tablets and browsers. Monitor and control your ConnectMate systems remotely with ease.