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Professional Systems Integration Services

  • Professional Health Care Software Architecture, Integration and Engineering Services

Hire us as consultants and engineers to help you build and deliver world class health care integration services.

Many of our smaller hospitals and health care clients don't have full IT organizations. They hire us to architect, plan, design, build and deliver their internal systems integrations and integrations with business partners.

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ConnectMate® On-Premises and Cloud End User Training

  • Training

We offer professional ConnectMate® and NexusHIE Training to our clients. We train individuals or groups in administrative functions of ConnectMate® as well as developing integration solutions with ConnectMate®. We can offer tailored training occording to the needs of your particular organization.

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Education: Grow your Career - Learn Health Care Information Integration using ConnectMate® Engine

  • Instruction

Rural and Inner-City areas have been hit hard by job loss because of the change in the manufacturing sectors. Over the past 15 years, management of health care data has become a top priority everywhere. Yet health care organizations struggle to find well trained information workers right here at home. That simply isn't right. Using ConnectMate® Engine, we are able to teach all of the facets of health care information integration very effectively. Best of all, this field is not as hard as you think. So roll up your sleeves and start to learn so that you can earn. $70 - $120k is a normal salary range for this role. Our training starts at $99/month. Do the math.

Want to make a real difference? Sponsor a veteran, trouble youth or a friend through the ConnectMate Training Program. The knowledge that we help you develop is "Transferable Knowledge". This means, it is not just ConnectMate knowledge, but knowledge that can be applied across the industry. This is because ConnectMate is based on Health Care Industry Standards. So by learning ConnectMate, you are learning skills that you can use nearly anywhere. As a result, your employability as a technology worker goes up and with it your earning potential.

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